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For as long as she could remember Ava wished for a pet unicorn. (See our AVA print) Every birthday she would make this wish whilst blowing out the candles on her cake and each year she was disappointed only receiving them in stitched form with stuffing..
One day when she had almost lost all hope, she stumbled across miss Rose frolicking in the garden!! 

Being such a special horse Rose could only be seen by Ava, and was often re named as 'imaginary' by her siblings. Ava didn't mind. It just meant she had her all to herself and they were of course, the best of friends ever after. 💙

Designed to add love and magic to your little ones bedrooms, this print is available in numerous sizes from A5-A1.

4 interest-free $0.00 AUD fortnightly instalments

$29.00 AUD

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