This Hidden Forest Wall Decals

Product Description

The Hidden Forest Wall Decals were lovingly create by Elisa from Blond + Noir to match our new print collection. These dreamy decals have a soft and whimsy feel whilst being different to the usual pinks and greys seen in little girls rooms. The Hidden Forest Collection will truly give that magical ambiance to little ones space.

The Hidden Forest Full Pack comes as 5 x (50 x 60 cm) sheets:
76 Mixed size floral and leaf elements ranging from 50 cm to 7cm.

The Hidden Forest Half Pack comes as 2.5 x (50 x 60 cm) sheets:
38 Mixed size floral and leaf elements ranging from 50 cm to 7cm.

The Hidden Forest Sample Pack comes with 5 floral elements and 4 leaves
ranging in 2.5 - 7 cm in length.

Our sample packs have been designed to help take the guess work out of buying our decals. They come with a few of the elements from the larger packs and are
designed to ensure that our decals will 1. work on your surface and 2. that the
colours are right for your space. We suggest you order a Sample Pack before any full pack order, as our decals are unable to be returned once opened.

The Hidden Forest Florals come in a range of pinks, peach, maroon, blues and three different green leaf colours. They were created to mimic a magical garden of mixed flowers.

Please note: Our decals adhere to most clean, smooth surfaces. There may be
some surfaces and paints that reject low-tack decals. If you are unsure if our decals will work in your space, we suggest ordering a to test on your surface, prior to purchasing a larger decal pack.

4 interest-free $0.00 AUD fortnightly instalments

$10.00 AUD

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